Mother's Day Gift Guide for Badass Moms and the Adult Children That Love Them

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Does anyone else have holiday shopping anxiety and start planning gifts months in advance? Mother's Day is coming up and I have three mothers to shop for so I started brainstorming gifts and realized *HOLY SHIT!* There is a ton of amazing things to choose from, all created and curated by woman owned small businesses in Austin. To make shopping a little easier, I've compiled a list of 10 badass makers to support this Mother's Day: 

1. For the Mom Boss shop Radical Girl Gang

Is your mom the HBIC everywhere she goes? (mine definitely is) Show your mom you respect her hustle by treating her to this CEO shirt, which also comes in black and white. Shipping is free on all orders and everything is 25% of this week!

2. For the Sweet Momma shop The Burlap Bag

I am a super fan girl of The Burlap Bag and all their delicious candles. Owned by adorable husband and wife duo, this cute little shop sells tons of handmade goods and makes their own candles. Act fast because the World's Best Mom candle is only available for a limited time! But don't worry, they have tons of other scents to choose from, my favorites being You're a Wizard, Unicorn Puke, and Baked Bread. Pro tip: Baked Bread scent is perfect for inhaling fresh bread smells if you're on a low carb diet. 

3. For the Chic Mum shop Fibrous by Ellen Bruxvoort

I unapologetically own two pairs of Ellen's "Maggie" earrings and have my eyes on the teal ones. These earrings are so cute and I get a million compliments every time I wear them. They make you look and feel fancy and only cost $35. (Side note: Ellen, the maker, is a literal angel so you know you've been blessed when you're wearing jewelry created in her image)

4. For the Trendy Mom you Steal Cute Things From shop Quiet Clementine

I fell in love with Quiet Clementine products the first time I laid eyes on the cutest little pink and blue speckled succulent plant holder a few years ago at a craft fair. Her products must bring good juju because that succulent is one of my longest living plant babies (I don't mean to brag but 2 years is pretty GD good). Hana, the owner, also creates quirky jewelry, bowls, and air plant hangers. 

5. For the Flawless Mama shop Nails Y'all 

Meghann Rosales, owner of Nails Y'all , is a nail art-cuticle nurturing-creative goddess. I have gone to her a thousand times and I'm always blown away by the amazing job that she does. You can get *literally anything* painted on your nails (think your pet dressed in a space suit floating in outer space). Treat your mom to a gift card for when she comes for a visit or just book her an appointment. Pro tip: since Meghann is so.damn.good she books up quickly--so book in advance! 

6. For the Badass Mom shop Eythink

Is your mom a badass bitch who drinks male tears for breakfast? If yes, then she will LOVE every single Eythink product. Mom doesn't drink male tears because she loves your dad so much? Don't worry, owner Lindsay Eyth has created a range of products including laser cut jewelry, pins, coasters, and candles. 

7. For the Fashionable Mom Whose Dress You're Definitely Borrowing shop Fringe & Flair

Owner of Fringe & Flair, Jessica Pompeo, has created a mobile boutique that carries clothing and accessories perfect for the boho chic mama (and non mamas!) She also carries a HUGE collection of vintage jewelry from New Mexico that belonged to her grandmother. Her pieces are rare and stunning, worthy of a queen, like the one who gave birth to you.

8. For the Sweet-Toothed Mom shop Maggie Louise Confections

I know what you're thinking, those chocolates are too cute to eat and believe me YOU SHOULD JUST GO AHEAD AND EAT THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE DELICIOUS. I first saw these chocolate beauties on Instagram and was blown away by how realistic they are. Maggie Louise is a bad ass who also owns a beautiful shop located on East Sixth Street where you can pick chocolates from an actual jewelry case (if that doesn't say "Mom I love you," then I don't know what does). 

9. For the Mom who Likes to Party shop Packed Party

I was recently introduced to Packed Party on Instagram and I MFing love all of their items! Packed Party makes you feel like your heart is going to explode glitter. They sell the cutest curated things, from party packages to drinkware, bags, and confetti (you know it's serious when there's confetti).

10. For the Empowering Mama who Raised YOU to Become a Badass shop Ponytail Mafia 

Now would it be a complete Gift Guide if I didn't shamelessly plug my own brand?! We have a range of shirts and hats to choose from, including this super soft Strong Texas Women tee. Want to make it a little more personal? You can put any words or sayings on a custom hat (think: #1 Mom!) Order a little something-something for your mama before May 7th to receive it in time for Mother's Day.

I hope this guide makes shopping small, locally, and woman-owned (your mother would want you to) a little bit easier. Now go out there and shop for the lady you owe your life to! 


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